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PLUSH Announces Consumer Show with a B2B Trade Show Add-on for upcoming 1-Day Spring Event

PLUSH Announces Consumer Show with a B2B Trade Show Add-on for upcoming 1-Day Spring Event 

PLUSH Headquarters in Los Angeles kicks off the new year with excitement and charges full steam ahead, as the team prepares for it’s upcoming Spring Show scheduled for Sunday, June 8th at the Los Angeles Center Studios. PLUSH is now merging the consumer and B2B trade show all in one day to bring the ultimate show experience that’s easy and cost effective for the industry.

“With numerous requests from both buyers and manufacturers who loved the idea of a consumer plus B2Bshow, it was critical for us to add on the trade show aspect to our successful consumer show this year,” said CEO and Founder of PLUSH, Jina Park. “Exhibitors will now get to meet hundreds of consumers that fit the PLUSH demographic, AND spend time meeting local and national buyers all in one day!  We love working together with our industry to create what’s not only exciting, but what makes sense for everyone.”

Exhibitors will enjoy the perks of attending a one-day showwithout worrying about the added costs associated with attending a lengthy B2B show, such as freight, drayage, and other union based requirements, or additional lodging expenses.  The B2Bportion of the show will bring on a new and different vibe from the family-filled consumer show, as cocktails, beautiful ambiance, and entertainment will begin to transform this amazingshow starting at 4pm strictly for business.  Buyers and manufacturers will enjoy an upscale reception-like setting, while networking and placing orders.

“This will be an exciting day for the juvenile industry, as buyers will get to see firsthand how consumers react to our manufacturers and their wonderful products during the consumershow hours.  Our consumer base has, and will always be the ideal focus group for the juvenile industry buyers,” Park adds. “We will also be prescreening our buyers, so that we know they’re ready to do business with our manufacturers.”

Creating the most efficient, yet cost effective show for manufacturers is an important factor for PLUSH, while upholding their integrity to curate a focused show for the industry with quality exhibitors and attendees.  PLUSH also adds the incredible dimension of entertainment and mainstream media coverage and A-list celebrity marketing opportunities to a juvenile industry show.

Registrants can sign up online and get a confirmation email within days of signing up.  Space is limited and early registration is highly recommended.

Spring Show Hours:

Consumer Show: 10:30am – 4:00pm

B2B Show:  3:00pm – 6:00pm

Attendance is FREE for buyers during the B2B Show hours.  Buyers wanting to attend the consumershow will be charged $20 per person for early admittance.  Badges are required for ALL attendees during the B2B Show hours.

Service based companies may participate during consumer show hours only.

For more information regarding the PLUSH Spring Show in Los Angeles, please, or email

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