PLUSH: the posh little urbanites show

About Us

PLUSH is a baby and toddler trade show dedicated to all posh and eco-conscious retailers and parents who are always setting the next big trend. Unlike other juvenile shows in the industry, PLUSH sets itself apart by being one step ahead, and selecting vendors that are ALL worth your time. With endless research on what today’s modern parents are looking for, PLUSH finds the best, most innovative, eco-friendly, and luxurious products on the market, and places them all in one location for retailers, consumers, and media.

PLUSH has now expanded to B2B. With the same attention to detail and execution as the consumer show, PLUSH will now be bringing together the best in every area of the juvenile industry in an expanded B2B and B2C, 3-day format. We wanted to utilize the factors of the ripple effect and introduce retailers to the phenomenon, so that all members of the juvenile industry could be a part of the most dynamic sales, marketing, media, and research focus group and all be set up for a future of success; gleaning and learning each and every year for and from each other at PLUSH. Although the format has expanded, the mission remains the same: Create an invitation-only feel and maximize every minute of every day so that no one feels lost, but rather provide an atmosphere where everyone feels focused and directed towards the best and most innovative products, services, knowledge, and marketing the baby and toddler industry has to offer.